My reflections somehow caged in this bottle, stuck in a liquid form of oppression and disgust I am at it again,

Early  hours of the morning breaking promises time and time again, I promise I am going to change,

Yes! This time I will pass the bar straight and won’t cancel our dates, I will break the habit because I can see that you are hurting, I see the pain on your face, I want to change that,

As a matter of fact tonight is the last time I’ll drink,

It hasn’t helped in making me better but worst the sting of alcohol what a curse,

I hate what it does to us, and what it does to me, to the hang overs and regrets there is no remedy.

So I am going to change my ways and become better,

Fight off the old spirits and dance in the walls of sobriety

Yes I am stepping out a new me.

I will change, no longer be a nuisance in society,

I will be my best self.

Written by

Laurna Guiste