Life is like a puzzle

There is no answer to the puzzle of life, all you know is that you are working at it each day,hoping that you create a pretty picture in the end. There are times you feel like giving up,don’t,the answer is just around the corner.

Have a great day

Written by

Laurna Guiste

6 thoughts on “Life is like a puzzle

  1. Having entered my 7th decade I have stopped seeing it all as a puzzle(with or without meaning) and just take it as it comes, as it plays out. Seems I am less the designer and more mere participant and don’t waste time with puzzle pieces.

    1. Well i guess we all are participants in this thing called life,we call it what we want, i refer to mine as a puzzle and we can choose to take it as it comes or we can make it happen.:)


  2. Dear Madam, Thank you for your recent follow of my blog site. A sharing of observation. One loses creditbility quickly if they do not follow the rules of good grammar, such as proper writing such as caps right when needed, such as a capital “I” rather than a small “i,” space between words properly done, such as a space after a thought before inserting comma; example, right……example,right….wrong. Taking such care adds character to your writing and demonstrates your love and respect for the English lanquage in its writing and presentation. Unitil you learn this, your writng will “never” be taken seriously. Notice you have also a habit of incomplete sentences. Learn to read, and reread your work before actually posting it. On the tenth reread, you will be surprised on what you find are words actually left out of your thoughts in its execution.

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