Death is inevitable..

Death as inevitable as we know it to be,it still catches the majority of us by surprise, it takes us and often lives us wondering why?

Though many of us make death preparations such as writing our wills and paying death insurances are we really ready to die?

How many of us spend time preparing our souls for eternity and less time pursuing the temporary things that we  all live behind. We spend endless hours powdering our faces instead of feeding our souls, we spend a  great  deal of time fixing our cars without fixing our homes and hearts, when will we slow down to realize that life is not all about how much money you make but what you do with the money,not how many people know you,but how many did you encourage and share with.

We get consumed with mixed priorities and keep making the same mistakes because we are too busy to learn the lessons, we have time for everything except to seek God and His will for us, and if we disagree with His will we take our own paths, just to round up exactly where we started.

We need to slow down and listen,observe,inhale ,exhale,appreciate life,love,learn give God first place and live life as the temporary thing it is, and make preparations for our eternal souls.

Written by

Laurna Guiste



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