A new song

Wounded are these hands who played the instrument, a chord that caused more aches than relief, i must place it down for peace sake..this song i must learn anew


Maybe this time i’ll cause less pain to my audience, didn’t mean to drag you down my blue, honky tonk, misguided ideas and thoughts of love,

I just had to…cant get pass  mine, how did i manipulate the mind of the one i most cared for, how did this sweet tune turn soar and make him angry?

I thought it would raise his sensuality cause him to make mad love to me, but instead he left me,

Didn’t  like the way in which i played.

I guess i played too much,perhaps i spent too many hours practicing the art instead of touching his heart

I  broke it .

I didn’t care much then but now standing alone on this stage and no longer seeing the reaction on his face,

makes me see how much time i wasted trying to catch him and hyponotise him in my melody,

but sadly i was the one loosing the grip on reality

by playing a tune that had no real listeners .

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Laurna Guiste


4 thoughts on “A new song

      1. Greetings! Sorry for delay in reply! I didn’t realize my phone wasn’t showing all the comments from WP, oops! Hope you are doing well! I did interview for a job last Friday and hope it goes through if its meant to be good for me! Its for a shelter focused on women and children, and I think I would be a good positive spirit for them I think! thank you for being a kind positive spirit to me!

      2. Understandable,well that is good to know dear, ill keep you in my prayers and thanks for the kind words 🙂 they do need a good,positive spirit like you!Continue to be positive!blessings and hugs

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