Accomplish your dream


Accomplish your dream

You got to protect your dream, Remember Joseph and his brothers,

You got to want it like no other,

You got to fight and not be easy to give up!

Even when there is no one around to help, you got God,

He got you,

Strive for the best and you will get the best,

Every day work on that sculpture,

And before you know it you got a piece of art,

Knock off laziness and procrastination,

Go fourth and be great,

You got what it takes!

Written by

Laurna Guiste



10 thoughts on “Accomplish your dream

      1. lol,ikr,it hit me lately really massive,”Success is hard work:”and there is no getting around that.Sometimes the people you expected to help you pull away and its left to you and God to make it happen,that’s where you are faced with the question,how bad do i want this? i can walk away because its not going to be easy or will i fight through and be glad that i did.The choice is always ours keep pushing dear better is coming.

      2. Yes, everything you wrote is so true. People who root for you when you were at their level or below, starts pulling away or acting different when you’re getting your break through.
        I believe God wants all the glory whenever that happens. Thank you for the well wishes. I pray the same for your life.

  1. When to dream and fight on and when to have acceptance of things not to be – hard to learn and make the right call. I think of the effort as “flexible stubbornness”. Thanks visit my blog.

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