Vacation 2014 :D

So my two weeks vacation is coming up and i am so excited!! I know it isn’t much but it is well deserved after you have been working like i have. This is my 3rd vacation this time around and I always look forward to having some good fun,although last year i was a little disappointed because i didn’t do half of what i planned,but was still good i started my own page on Facebook and actually joined a non profit community development group,i got to draw and give out ideas on helping the elderly plus the lunch was always delicious yummy! I wonder if they will visit Β this year mm.

Anyway,my vacation starts next week Tuesday,the Monday is a public holiday,so you can say it starts Monday. I have dedicated the first week to taking care of some procrastinated business,need to get some stuff out of the way,stuff like doctors appointment etc clear some room clutter etc.

The fun in the sun hopefully starts the Saturday I am thinking picnics,bike rides etc hey i don’t wanna reveal much,my fingers are crossed the second week is dedicated to beaches,some long awaited adventures,discoveries,rivers,hikes and lots of good food.

Promise to write all about it during or after,and hoping to take lots of photographs so we can reminisce together.So wish me care,fun and a great vacation.Peace.



Laurna Guiste

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