Lover’s Quarrel part TWO

She enters the car, kisses him on the cheek
“Hae Bae,you good?”
He eyes her from head to toe, questionably
“Wa you look good so?”
“Wa you mean, I dress good for you bae”
“Me, woman! mmm,de only time you dress good so is when you go meet a man?”
“But, you are me man Dread, wa talk is this nuh?”
“Stop lying dere gyal,me know you never wear dat scent dere for me?” he begins sniffing her
She pushed him away”Wa d joke, man sniffing me up,you self buy dis,cheap ting you a get down the Chinese store”
His eyes widened “you mad! As a matter a fact da wa you deserve, only Suzy get Chanel..i mean”
“Suzy? Who a Suzy?”
“I mean,you nuh Suzy ma mother “he looks around nervously
“mmm,oh ok”
He starts driving the car,
“So you buy expensive stuff fuh your mudah and you buying Chinese for me?”
“Stupes!so you wa me to put uh before me mother gyal”
“buh how?”
“Gyal you crazy..anyway please change d subject”
“wa you stupes for,mm?”
“Anyway, anyway you paying fuh me weave today? “She said smiling
“wa,gyal you crazy? After de ting dun fake you want Rasta to pay fe it?”
“Buh how”
He stops the car,
“You know wat,get out me darn car gyal!”
“you hear me wi”he removes her sit belt
“no buh,get out,!”
She gets angry”stupes,man you crazy,”
She steps out “Doh call me later you know,darn cheap!”
He closes the door and starts the car
“Where you tink you going? “she said holding the car
“Me gwan meet Suzy,she hair real”

Written by
Laurna Guiste
(This Dialogue is written in dialect spoken in both Jamaica and in my home country,I hope it won’t be so difficult to read and understand as it it a humorous one.)

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