This one is for the women, who have been hurt, abused at a tender age and keep on hating on men,
Because of what he did. This is for the women who have had their heart broken, trampled upon and as a result keep sleeping around just to feel that gap, but nothing won’t feel that void as you search for love in all the wrong places. No man can make you feel worthwhile if you don’t know your worth. No man can make you feel beautiful if your inside is ugly with scars.
Forgiveness is where your beauty begins, by God first cleansing you from within, and forgiving the proper traitor from the things unseen”
It is loving yourself enough to walk away from the hurts of the past,
forgive them,forgive yourself and give yourself the permission to smile, give yourself the permission to live and be happy and free!

Written by
Laurna Guiste

13 thoughts on “Forgive..

  1. I was one of those women who was abused at a very early age by my father and, although a good therapist helped me to function day-to-day, forgiveness was what healed my heart and allowed me to truly live a good life. Thank you for writing this Laurna.

    1. Thank God for that, unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping for the other person to die,it does more harm to you than the person,i also was abused at a tender age and God had to deal with me or otherwise i would have been so bitter.

  2. Thanks for this. Sometimes I let go of things but then the memory still clouds my mind. I guess it is a process. Forgiveness helps you to grow. I was able to grow when I forgave those who have hurt me.

    1. Awesome,when we forgive others we give ourselves the permission to be free,and to live happier lives,it is not easy forgiving those who have wronged us but remaining mad at them is only affecting us,God gives us that peace if we would only ask Him!

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