Release Me…

Release Me

Like a dragon i feel caged in these dreams,elements of great work brewing on my inside, emitting tiny puffs of smoke,aah i need to break free!There is  something longing to be unleashed from its cage,so i long to be loosed from these caged dreams and make  my mark on the pages of history.My wings have been too heavy at my sides it longs to feel the breeze of new territories.I wasn’t born  to live confined to these walls of formality the world waits to behold the mysteries that will be as i dare to make my way across this earth.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


4 thoughts on “Release Me…”

  1. That was insightful, couldn´t agree with you more in the message and finally I loved how you wrote it. Sort of looked like a stream of consciousness. Did you take your hands off the keyboard? hummm, nice 🙂

    1. Lolz,Thank you Charly I am glad you enjoyed and that you loved it,:D i did take my hands off occasionally but the thoughts were quite strong and just flowed, sort of a feeling of wanting to explode, i guess you get that sort of feeling too as a writer…

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