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Her Morning Routine

The bed acts like tar to her skin, hugs her tightly in its grip, she twists and turns not wanting to give up this rest an trade it for stewing fish over the burner, She lingers, and she now wants to dream, grabs her phone sees its 5.26 and smiles “I got three more minutes” she mumbles, Thanks God for yet another day, prays silently before she closes her pretty eyes again, the alarm sets off and she mumbles again and involuntarily gets off the bed.

Stares at her reflection, hair covering her forehead, eyes a little puffy yawns wide to startle her own refection back into being just glass. Stares back at her face and it sort of speaks to her of the mornings grace and glory, the sun spreading its ways though the window kissing her cheek, causing a radiance as the water baptizes her face, washes away the night mask, ahh she’s awaken.

Makes her way to the kitchen, fixes her morning coffee, ~best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup~, at the same time she slices, dices, sautes, pours, mixes while eating. As soon as the task is over she packs away her lunch neatly, neatly she packs it away.

Steps into the shower allowing the water to form its unique trails down her body, lathers all territories until thoroughly cleansed, steps out. Rushes to her room, pampers herself, gets dressed grabs her lunch and out the door she flies.
The transporting to town is one she really looks forward to admiring the different faces that steps into the bus, she wonders what are their full stories, some she makes up in her head, never seem to end it though as she gets lost in her own thoughts. Filled with prayers, goals and dreams, hopes and fears, to her, these prayers are made abrupt as the vehicle arrives town faster than she’d wish.
Making quick strides towards her place of work, he spots her, tall, confident, elegant, beautiful, their eyes meet and transits more words than they could ever utter, lingers a little longer than she anticipated, but the message conveyed was one that caused her to blush just a little and nervous as he said hello, smiles as she walks on, he never took his eyes off her.
She arrives at work with the biggest grin and loudest of greetings.

Written by
Laurna Guiste


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