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My Adam(Wedding Vows)

My Adam


I knew there was something different about the way you came into my life, subtly you let your light’s ray’s beam through the spaces I didn’t even know existed. I wasn’t expecting to fall, but then again this doesn’t even feel like falling, I stand firmly knowing that this isn’t fleeting because you took the time to know me, learn me, trust me, you touched a part of me no man has ever touched, so deep is what I am feeling, it is more than just a feeling, explain to me how does one feel from their soul? I understand you like you understand me and we share differences, but they don’t disturb me, I kind of like them, na I love them. I admire the uniqueness in which you pronounce my name, sort of melt when you whisper in my ear “babe.” Giggles I’m on cloud nine, don’t love you just because you are fine and sweet, but you’re intelligent got me hyped and I am learning and you are learning from me, so in each other’s life we become students playing even when it’s after 3(three).

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Holding conversations about life ,anything and everything, I’m not afraid to let my guard down ,or act a clown because you my audience and I won’t let you wear no frown, so we enjoy playing around, laughing till we don’t even know what we are laughing for to begin with. Don’t know how we came together to begin with but all I know is I want my life to end with you, baby I don’t know how you do what you do, but your kind of loving motivates me not only to love and treat you better, but to be a better person.

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You inspire me and your love revives a part of me that was dormant through formality, your fun personality awakens that side of me, together we are silly geniuses creating a world of love and blue skies, we hold hands and together we can change lives, aid in molding a generation that will seek God as much as we do. Baby I love you and I can’t begin to picture a life without you, you are my Adam, and you have bitten a piece of my heart, I don’t care because I gave it to you and today we show the world that we are ONE and will always be.

Written by
Laurna Guiste


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