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If I am not an inspiration then stop me,

If I am not an inspiration then stop me,

Stop me from chirping my tunes because they lack to make you soar, if my words do not motivate, then hold me captive, I rather am locked behind bars, than live not playing my part

I want to encourage the dancers to dance, and spin to their practice routines and instead of following add a step or two of originality,

To the singer I motivate you to sing, sing aloud, from your stomach, face the crowd, sing until the weary soul comes out from hiding in their shacks of depression, smiling from the comfort that emits from your voice, and sing!

To the writer, write, write from the depths of your soul, write the whispers that the angels decant over you,write the comforts that they tell you to ,for God wants to tell the world how much he loves them, oh how He loves them ,so write as the spokesperson of God.

To the planter, plant, as God blesses your hands plant, to feed the many that God will bring to you, plant!
To the teacher ,teach the lessons you have learnt so well, teach as to not fill your pockets ,but to fill minds and create leaders to change the world.

The world is a plot by which you are asked to play your part well, and I urge you to play the lead in your life, live a trail of lessons, surprises, laughter and inspiration.

Written by
Laurna Guiste


12 thoughts on “If I am not an inspiration then stop me,”

  1. So well said, and such wisdom here! I am impressed with you, Laurna. You keep posting words like these which are laid upon your heart, and people will begin to notice! And you will begin to grow ever better in service to others in the name of the Almighty!

    Steve Pejay

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