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Why are you rising

Why are you rising?

Why do you wake every day to face a world of challenges?

Why do you wash your face, and keep trying,

Why do you polish your shoes and press those clothes,

It is because you are valuable and you value yourself enough to work hard for what you want,

It may not be where you want to be, but you know where you are going,

You endure the burdens and extra stress because you got a plan, don’t let your enemies rob you from that plan now,

Do not quit, you are not defeated!

It will become uncomfortable, that just means that you are moving, you are growing, you are rising

You are manifesting your greatness within,

You are rising to become the person you are ordained to be,

Don’t stop now

Keep Rising!

Written by

Laurna Guiste


8 thoughts on “Why are you rising”

  1. wow, great poem sis, you are a great writer! keep rising to be the woman GOD wants you to be. the sky is the limit, as blessing after blessing come your way n nothing can hold it back, caus GOD got your back. so rise woman of GOD to be the next maya angelou.

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