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Celebrating my Father

My Father

I have always said that I want to marry a man as my father, wise, handsome, hardworking, kind, a family man a talented man. The story of the way my parents courted is one to admire my dad being the old school type did it the right way and that’s the way I want it to be done for me.

As Father’s Day is around the corner I choose to honor my father, and no number of gifts or archives can prove how grateful I am to have a father like him. From elementary school up to my high school years my father is the one who was present at every school meeting, collected report books and was deeply involved in my proper upbringing. He worked extra-long hours just to ensure that his family’s needs were met and there were extra to share. Being a godly man he brought us up in the church and instilled family values and respect in both his sons and daughters. He is a father that is open,real,humorous, brings across solid morale points by using his life examples, he often tells us stories of his youthful days and of his mistakes and encourage us not to repeat them.

My father was a faithful husband and still is, even after the passing of our mother he remains true to love no one else, no one can take the place of his love. I admired them, as a strong devoted couple who was in it for the long haul. Though they argued had little misunderstandings at the end of the day my dad was the one who would often kiss and make up with mom. They demonstrated what true love is all about, theirs was truly unconditional.

Today my dad’s strictness proved to form the firm plateau on which my siblings and I stand, I do not regret any chastisement, the very one I was mad sick about has molded strong ethics within. He has shown more love than ever since the passing of our mother, he has been both mother and father in one, trying to fill her shoes. He is deeply appreciated and I let him know I love him every day. Cheers to Mr. Arthur Guiste my hero, the world’s greatest dad!

Written by
Laurna Guiste


42 thoughts on “Celebrating my Father”

  1. Such a pity that a relatively small proportion of fathers earn such respect and love, although many receive it undeservingly from offspring who, against the odds, have grown up to be better people than they are.

    1. It is sad that a larger majority of Father’s are out of their kids life, having a dad be there for you all your life is indeed a precious thing to posses. I therefore urge those of us who have them to cherish them whilst there are still there.


  2. A beautiful tribute to your Father, (and Mother as well!) I agree with the guidance of involved parents, and some of the “old-school” ways are still the best. The government believes they can provide, even legislate, a better, more “enlightened” option as to how we should rear our children.

    But breaking down all barriers, allowing them to run in any direction they choose, and promoting self-pride isn’t working too well as a replacement for God’s laws. Of course, we want our children to be happy and healthy in both mind and body.

    But we need to instill a solid foundation for Godly respect through properly applied discipline, and encourage good moral’s with careful watch. The kids today, just as they always have, will appreciate the attention!

    Well done, Laurna!

    Steve Pejay

    1. Thank you Steve for your input.Like i usually say anything built without Jesus/God as the foundation will not last.The word does say train up a child in the way they should go.


      1. Absolutely so! And, despite what the world may think, a bit of “controlled, responsible” spanking is going to likely be required.

        Oh, but the worldly viewpoint can’t “tolerate” such an idea anymore!

        It’s very sad, really…

        Thanks for the reply, Laurna, as always!
        Steve 🙂

      2. I’m doing okay today…trying to catch up on comments and replies. I have a number of loyal readers who deserve replies to their comments and thoughts, but I am way behind on answers!

        What’s that old saying…”The faster I go, the behinder I get!”…lol…

        How about you? Busy with work/school/both?


      3. I’ll bet you come up with something great! I really liked the post about your Father. It was good and the only reason I didn’t RB it was to give you an opportunity to repost it for this Father’s day if you wanted to…

        What do you like to do to relax? I try to listen to some smooth jazz as I write.


      4. Thank you and I am planning on re posting via face book and actually reading it to him.

        To relax, usually listen to instrumentals,jazz,blues or some classics.


      5. Yep, I like instrumentals, and R&B, and sometimes the classic rock of the 70’s and 80’s.

        That’s very sweet to plan to read the post to your Father. He is a lucky man to have such a thoughtful and loving daughter!


      6. You have a super rest of the day, Laurna, and we’ll talk again soon!


      7. Absolutely! I went back and re-read your bio. Seems you have had a very interesting life, yet you are still so young! What more would you like to do with these new writing “gifts” from God?

        Steve 🙂

      8. Interestingly enough Steve, i felt like i haven’t really lived,my family is so very talented and none of us has left the nest so to speak and explore the outside world, which is filled with endless opportunities. Hence God has inspired me to step out with faith. With these writing gifts i want to travel,explore,write about anything and everything.i believe with all my heart that my gift will make room for me and bring me before great men. It is my time,my season.Keep me in your prayers. 😀


      9. Such a brave step you take, Laurna! Yes, you do seem to come from a family of many talents. And I can understand how you may feel the need to make yourself stand out in some way.

        You do this with the admiration of the Lord and His guidance, which is very wise. Remember to keep Him in your prayers and His gospel in your heart as you explore.

        He is good and will protect those who sincerely trust in Him to guide their lives. Please stay in touch as you develop your future plans…

        Talk to you later,
        Steve 🙂

      10. Thank you for the words of advice,heavily appreciated.:)
        As my future unfolds i will try my best to keep in touch,…it would be an honor sharing my adventures with a good pal.
        Bless you Steve 😀


      11. May all that you find be good and enriching, and may it lead you to a stronger faith and knowledge of Christ Jesus!


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