Love these days



It is a world of madness whereby we fall for what we see with our eyes, and little for what is felt in the heart. Love has been polluted, drained, manipulated, and taken for granted. What do they say that love is? Is it a night of pleasure, a one night stand several slams down at the bar, wake up in the morning ,make you breakfast and at it again? Is love sex? I am maddened by the new age definition, how such a sweet thing can be treated so casually, and so slackly. Today’s youth want love microwaved; want love quickly like instant coffee.

Alas as hearts become broken and bodies diluted in the search of this  thing we called love.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


19 thoughts on “Love these days”

  1. We rush along the notion of love after we ignite the fires of passion. But this is just physical, human love. If it isn’t built on any solid foundation, how can it last?

    The idea which God had for us and love has been so twisted and perverted by “worldly” ways, it isn’t anything recognizable at all! Call it “old school,” but the ways of loving another person are fashioned by the laws of God, who created both heavenly and earthly love.

    Love that lasts is described as what is called “agape” love, and is described in (1 Cor. 13) of the Holy Bible. If we were to apply such things listed there to human love, we would be able to build a lasting earthly love relationship as well!

    Steve Pejay

    1. Thank you for such a powerful insight. You are so right as you have placed everything i wanted to say so clearly. The love these days is built on lust and other fleeting things which will definitely not stand the test of time.
      The 21st century type of love scares me and i am hoping it will pass off with age, I am astonished by this latest trend and I am afraid by what my children will have to cope with by the time they are teenagers.
      Lord help us to cultivate the agape love God tells us of in His word.God bless you.


      1. This human love has been in the world since the beginning, Laurna. In fact, people burned in their lustful passions and pride of life so much so that the Lord “was hurt in His heart that He had even created man on earth…” (Gen. 6:6)

        However, the solution to this problem has also been around for just as long, and it exists in the glory and power of a loving God.

        It’s too bad most young people aren’t familiar with Him. Look to Him, seek after Him, learn of Him. The world’s woes, including the perils of love relationships, can be reduced or resolved by this Lord who loves us still.

        Please visit, ask questions, and comment anytime you’d like. I’m happy to help you and your friends who also seek more than what this world tells you!

        Steve 🙂

      2. It will be my pleasure to see that you’ve visited and maybe commented on a post or two. I will try to get back to your site as well…

        Enjoy your day, Laurna 🙂


      3. I also know that this has been around for years,but it is only recently that it happened a bit close to home. The individual is a professed christian which made it even more baffling.
        The things i have seeing,reading is more than convincing me that the end is near and makes me anxious to complete the task that God wants us too.


      4. I am sorry that someone has misled or hurt you, Laurna. I too was “sucked in” by a lady who professed a Christian belief, and turned out to be much less than that.

        Sadly, we did have two wonderful kids, but a miserable marriage. Neither she nor the kids will even talk to me today…sadly, they don’t apparently believe in forgiveness.

        Anyway…we are in the last days of God’s plan for this world. Of that fact, there is little doubt. However, we have been in this state for maybe hundreds, even a couple of thousand years.

        That is not to take the urgency of action out of obeying His will, nor diminish the fact that the end can come any time!

        However, the Lord loves us all greatly, and wants to give as much time as He sees fit to come to Him. Therefore, it is best to “take care of business” right away and work on our Christian duties each day that we have here.

        Always remember this:

        “5Let your gentle spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near. 6Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
        (Philippians 4: 5-7)

        Thanks again, my dear, and take the peace of the Lord with you everyday.


      5. Srry to hear that, i guess we learn our lessons,some things we wont understand at least not in this lifetime.Just have to continue to trust God and thank you for your kind words may God’s peace be with you as well and may He continue to be your greatest comforter!


      6. I appreciate the kind words and thoughts, Laurna. It’s a crazy world out there, I know it’s a cliché but it is true. We need to watch out for those whom we become involved with.

        However, that has actually been true for some time to some extent. But today with all this “high tech” stuff, people can hide more about themselves than ever before!

        Anyway, we trust people in the general “name of goodness” and hope the Lord helps to guide…

        Have a wonderful day, young lady, and we’ll hopefully talk later on!

        Steve 🙂

      7. You are most welcome Steve and thank you for your kind words. I agree, it is a crazy world lots of manipulation,lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God etc. Just have to know what our purpose is work towards being a light always and the holy spirit wil lead us into all truths.Stay blessed Steve 🙂


      8. Absolutely true, Laurna. The Lord has promised us life eternal, and we strive toward that prize each day to the best of our abilities.

        He has also promised us “life more abundantly,” which I believe includes life here in this world. We can have love of all kinds, romantic and friendships, and enjoy them to an even deeper and richer level if we seek Him first in life!

        The goal is heaven, but we can enjoy a lot of smiles along the way with the proper relationship in Christ Jesus!

        Have a super day, my dear, and we’ll talk later on I hope…

        Steve 🙂

      9. Thanks, Laurna. Are you working or going to school? Either way, have a wonderful day and we’ll talk later…

        Steve 🙂

      10. You bet, Laurna…I’d like to hear from you! It is:


        I’ll have your return email address when you send me one. Take care and enjoy your day…

        Steve 🙂

      11. Fantastic! We’ll be talking then…and you enjoy the weekend too!

        Steve 🙂

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