Poetry Corner

The Glass

I saw love in the tainted glass, blurred with hurts from the past, rusty at the rim from past mistakes,

I’ve seen it lying there, rolling in the breeze of my experiences, fallen, broken,

I’ve seen love through this glass,

I have drank from it, ahh sweet waters, but lasted just for a moment, turned bitter in my belly, my belly, it turned bitter

I found love though this glass, it’s been handled, soiled, smashed,

But just like magic the pieces, keep forming back, getting stronger and stronger
Keeps building back,

Keeps forming keeps shining though brightly,

Beneath that broken glass lies something beautiful, made with the chief of china, bought from France,
Yes, from France

If you find it, it will no longer be hidden, as the worth has been known,

Was nothing then but now its worth far more than any other

Today this glass stands antique, shining through the masses.

Brand new.
Written by
Laurna Guiste


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