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You are super..

You are super
You don’t have a cape or a sword but you got heart, and that sets you apart from many who have gone before you,

You have vision, and that sort of defines you, makes you work extra hard and lives you wanting, panting,

For more.you are sure of yourself in a world that’s full of the insecure, you do your best and you still do a little more,

Your hands are harden by your choice of work, with each passing brush and stroke, you become beautiful, Sequined with a stance of art,

On your tongue lies the sweetest of rhymes, whistling to the broken, mending their pieces, you speak life to the dead

majority, because by living your dream you have awakened the dream,

You become it.

Written by
Laurna Guiste


6 thoughts on “You are super..”

  1. Laurna, you are extremely talented and a deep thinker. God has blessed you with such talent. Keep on writing such beautiful poems.

    1. Thanks..i know right lol.But we are indeed powerful,and i believe we women do have a wonder woman residing on the inside of us,just have to tap into it 🙂


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