Relationships and Marriage

Way to a man’s heart

Are there specific ways to a man’s heart ,I mean except through his stomach, are there about five basic guidelines a woman can follow in order to get and keep her man. Being friends with women who have been through not so perfect relationships, going from relationship to relationship, left heart broken and confused about the heck happened? What did we do wrong and why didn’t he stay other than the guy being a prick, some of us women do drive men away.
So in this piece I would like to state at least five guidelines in keeping your man.

*Make him happy/smile a man appreciates a woman who puts a smile on his face, makes him laugh, lighten up and
enjoy her company.

*A woman who supports and understands his dreams. Be his biggest cheer leader, back rubber and motivator.

*A woman who gives him attention. Remembers what cereal he likes, pays attention to the details that shapes his life,surprise him with favorite treats etc.

*A woman who shows him love,hugs,kisses,not only tells him but shows him,

*A woman who shows him respect
Written by
Laurna Guiste


6 thoughts on “Way to a man’s heart”

  1. Your words hear speak in simple truths and small acts if kindness. I fin then refreshing in a time when both men and women strive to reach a place of uncertain equality with their thoughts and actions of each other. So thank you for sharing your thoughts as I’d like to think these words can be applied to either gender respectfully with the same loving outcome.

    1. Yes, it applies to both genders. What we do unto others will definitely be done unto us. It is often times the little things that touch our hearts and moves us. We should never neglect or take for granted this acts of kindness.


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