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Mother Preparations (Motherhood)

Mother Preparations (Motherhood)
Today as we celebrate Mother’s Day a nurse who is the mother of four gave us some sound advice and I just felt led to share what I learnt.
She said that being a good mother and a good wife is properly the hardest test in the world as they entail many challenges. So before a young woman decides to become a mother or wife she has to be fully prepared, best advice is to wait until one is fully ready and prepared to handle the responsibility.
She stressed on the pain, struggles during pregnancy and during labour, the morning sickness, contractions and the cutting of the vagina to remove the child. All the details painted a graphic picture, one of pain and torment that made motherhood look scary. However, she quickly mentioned that after the child is born the mid wife places that child on your abdomen, you are given the child to hold and a bond is created, she says she has witnessed every mother cry at that stage.
Having a supportive partner at that time is also encouraging as a woman goes through all sorts of moods and phases so that is why it is important to wait and settle with a good helpful mate. Not one who will cheat or belittle you when you gain a few extra pounds.
In addition she told us of the character one has to display as a good mother and wife, when the children break your valuables and you are stressed and feel like giving up, she said to exercise peace, love, long suffering, meekness etc. She told of the importance of showing equal love to all children as children tend to get jealous of each other and to also train them up well in the Lord. Training starts from birth and one should use the word (bible) as the manual.
As a good wife and mother one should be faithful to their children and husband, and a wife has the responsibility to look good and take care of herself even after she has had a long day.
All in all, a good mother is one who is strong, faithful, hardworking and loving. Motherhood is challenging but the reaped benefits are worth it.
Written by
Laurna Guiste


6 thoughts on “Mother Preparations (Motherhood)”

  1. A good mother is a human being who gets cross angry tired and frustrated whether she loves her child /children/partner or not. She does not deny or suppress her feelings in order to pretend to be a saint for the sake of society or what for other people think. A good mother is authentic to her emotions and true to herself. To practice unconditional love is to practice the art non-attached love and ability to forgive and forget, ie: doesn’t take her children’s ignorance, innocence, naievety personally, yet can maintain her boundaries firmly because a good mother KNOWS herself, accepts herself, loves herself, first. She does not give her power away to her partner or her offspring. And she does not conform to this super human idea of being a good wife and mother in order to be accepted. Being a woman is hard work. She needs to educate herself before being a partner or a mother. And travel beyond the village or town where she grew up. She follows her heart and her intuition and honours what she believes as her core truth. She keeps her identity and her authenticity. This is a good mother for she becomes her own inner parent first.

  2. Very good advise. Above all, patient should always be added as a key note. Thanks for your visit to my blog which now link me to yours. I look forward to more of it while I frequent yours as well. May the Lord richly bless you in every area of your life in the name of Jesus Christ.

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