Poetry Corner

coming home

When he remembers his nest,seldom regrets, not coming home.

Puts his boots,buttons his jacket,

sends a text,live lunch I am on my way,

Gets distracted,becomes lost into busy,gets carried away,

time passes,before he knows it he’s removing his jacket,

Places boots by the door,day ends,text I wont be coming again,

His farther is saddened again,as he pours the lunch he left down into the basket.

Written by
Laurna Guiste

Let us make time for the ones we love,let us make space for those we call family as they will not always be there,
so today let us show that we care.


7 thoughts on “coming home”

  1. This is so sad and beautiful and touching. I also loved your tribute to your mother. I feel your pain and loss – not a day goes by that I don’t miss my mother too. She died of cancer six years ago. Take care and every good wish with your dream of writing and touching people’s hearts. You are already a success! : )))

    1. Thank you dear, i really appreciate your comment and thank you for following .My mom also died of cancer,we rejoice knowing they are in a better place. bless you

  2. this is so beautiful and an important message. What a beautiful site you have here – thanks for the follow – and for guiding me to your neck of the woods. kimberly

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