Some of my desi…

Some of my desires


Lately I have been wanting to travel, wanting to explore and discover new territories and make my mark.I  see myself getting lost in a forest, pitching my tent, setting a camp fire and roasting mash mellows. Sharing stories of long ago, making new memories. Taking a few pictures, rowing up a river, observing nature, appreciating God’s art. I long to make my own tree house, go fishing and bike riding. I want all the good things life has to offer and have good fun. I want to learn a new language, take karate classes, embrace a new culture and live freely with an independent tribe. I want to raise a revolution, march down the streets with protestors fighting against the oppressors. I want to feed the hungry, cloth the homeless encourage the youths to use their talents for God.

I pray God makes me cross paths with people with similar desires, for all these one day I shall do.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

11 thoughts on “Some of my desi…

    1. Lol mainly English, a little creole which is like a broken French,i know a little French a little Spanish.I would love to learn German though.What languages do you speak?


      1. Ahh cool,you knw German,I think the only thing i know in German is ish libi dish lol”I love you”

        I hope you get the opportunity to learn Spanish.

  1. I am approaching 65. My generation believed in what you express here. We were so committed to changing the world. It’s the same if not worse. I wonder what happened.

  2. I am from a few that wants to enjoy the finer things in life,sometimes my desires expressed seems that of a retire ,lol i forget sometimes that I have to plant now to reap these seeds. But what if i don’t have years down,what i have is now,and i what to explore more than ever.

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