Some of my desi…

Some of my desires


Lately I have been wanting to travel, wanting to explore and discover new territories and make my mark.I  see myself getting lost in a forest, pitching my tent, setting a camp fire and roasting mash mellows. Sharing stories of long ago, making new memories. Taking a few pictures, rowing up a river, observing nature, appreciating God’s art. I long to make my own tree house, go fishing and bike riding. I want all the good things life has to offer and have good fun. I want to learn a new language, take karate classes, embrace a new culture and live freely with an independent tribe. I want to raise a revolution, march down the streets with protestors fighting against the oppressors. I want to feed the hungry, cloth the homeless encourage the youths to use their talents for God.

I pray God makes me cross paths with people with similar desires, for all these one day I shall do.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Second Part to Upcoming Story..

Weeks after, Mattis sat in the village market selling the few potatoes his mother had managed to plant. She was moving about as normal, with little mention about the incident which happened. The sun was beaming causing sweat to slither down Mattis face. He wiped the water from his brow then placed the parcels together, waving them at every passing pedestrian.
“Nice, potato! Sweet potato! Three for $4.00, hurry and buy it quick’’ He would say with the widest grin, the rich folks couldn’t resist his charm and zest and would purchase the parcels by two, living customers asking for more. Unfortunately Ruth was unable to produce beyond their demands as many of the plants died in the hot climate. The amount they received would cover their food products for the week and barely meet any other need.

Ruth was a 32 year old widow, who raised Mattis on her own ever since her husband died of a chronic illness weeks after their son’s birth. With half her family and in laws deceased, living too far away or basking in similar meagre conditions Ruth was tied to her husband’s village called Salybia. A community where the rich owed half the village and the remaining portion by a care free, convoluted government. The poor were fortunate enough to get seeds to plant gardens, but the amusements were held behind crystal gates, and music was forbidden in the streets and couldn’t be enjoyed by the less fortunate. The village was depressed, reeked of weariness and was believed to be under the curse of the witch doctor who resided on Morne Diablotin the tallest mountain in the village.
Because of Ruth’s financial condition she couldn’t afford sending Mattis to school, so at an early age he was a devoted potato planter with his mother. She saved a penny from every acquired fund on the dream of sending him to school one day. Mattis was determined to accomplish this dream as he worked extra hard and sometimes late at night. But no matter how hard they both worked the money just never seemed to be accumulating as their nourishment took priority.
About noon he startled as he heard the chatter of children, looking nervously over his shoulder he saw a few of his peers coming from school, he felt uneasy as they drew closer, knowing his tormentor Travis, was close behind.

Written by Laurna Guiste

Continuation of upcoming story,do i still hold your attention?