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Ruth lay sort of stiff on the bed, when a sharp burn streamed through her abdomen causing her to grip the clothes that were rumpled at her side, her eyes barred in pain. Soon after her moans were heard on the outside.outside. Mattis quickly dropped the wood he was cutting and run inside”Mamma,are you OK?’ He run to her side with fear in his eyes as he saw she was in pain, he held her shaking hand and kissed it, “what’s wrong mama, please tell me?’
She placed the other hand on her stomach “It is just my stomach, but I be fine “she muttered trying to smile. “yo don’t look fine, mama did you eat?”
“Yes I did, don’t worry be…” her eyes widened as she shrieked in pain, holding her sons hands tightly now, “Mamma! What is it, I go get help “he turned about to run out but she pulled him back
”Wait, Mattis, I may not be here when you get back,’’
He panicked “What? Where are you going? Mama please don’t tell me you gonna die, please “he cried coming back to her side
She gently touched his face, and looked at him “There is a time for everything my son, a time to live and a time to die and “
“No! Mama don’t talk like that you are all I have you can’t…”he cried she motioned him to hush.
“Listen, son it is something that can’t be stopped, must happen one day “
“But I am going to the village doctor; he must be able to help you!”
She frowned,” I don’t want you going to that man”
“But why? He’s a doctor “he pleaded tears forming at the corner of his eyes
“He is a witch doctor, dealing with all sort of voodoo nonsense! I want you no near him, do you hear me!” her voice amplifying, he nodded sadly,
“Do you hear me? “She yelled squeezing his hand,
“As long as you get better, I won’t mamma” he kissed her hand again.
Written by Laurna Guiste
Please live comments on what you think on this as part of an upcoming story.


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