Lets make a pos…

Lets make a positive change in our generation


Rise to make a change in your generation,the world needs you.The children need role models,we are slowly losing our grip on a focused selfless youth to one of rebellion,selfishness and technology.I am concerned about the level of focus,its difficult for we adults to concentrate especially in today’s high demands far less for the young ones whose role models are lost twerking,drinking and smoking”. Let us play our part to help the young ones by using the little we have to give,share and inspire positivity”

Laurna Guiste


4 thoughts on “Lets make a pos…”

    1. Yes they do need an awakening,child hood days are being replaced with experimentation and fast paced gadgets,parents,leaders,we as writers need to take our stand and act as motivators to what is right. we who know better should speak against it and encourage and play our part in pointing them to what is right,it starts with us.

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