lg guy

Tucking my baby gently into bed, making sure I cater to all of his needs, satisfying till the Wii hours of the morning, I love him

Waking early to make his lunch, making breakfast extra crispy, just how he likes it, placing it away neatly in his pack,

Rubbing his back kissing him good bye,

Sending him love notes during the day, picking up his favourite snacks, mm

Never doubting that his loving isn’t all mine, not holding back on mine, giving him all of me,

Supporting, encouraging, motivating, appreciating him just the way God made him,

Nothing soothes his ego more than making him know he’s the only king of your heart and he’s doing a good job at whatever he does!

In return he puts me to bed, gladly makes him tuck me in, he caters to all my needs, satisfies till the Wii hours of the morning

Waking early to make me lunch and breakfast just the way I like it, placing it neatly in my pack,

Kiss me goodbye

Yes that’s my guy!

Written by Laurna Guiste