The Power of Sp…

The Power of Spoken Words


“Don’t wait till your 70 to explore the world, when you are retired, do it now! I declare that I will travel places beyond my imagination, I will dwell and eat with kings and queens, I will dance in castles and meet people of powerful influence. I will ride on dromedaries and drink from goblets of pure gold. speak it into existence, and it will happen just watch and see. Life is an adventure and I am going to explore”

Written by Laurna Guiste 


12 thoughts on “The Power of Sp…”

      1. Thank you for the reminder to get out there… I have definitely been cooped out too long, cloaked in my depression.. thank you for reminding me to spring up and let new experiences hop in! 😀

      2. You are Welcome Ninjabi,shake the dust off the cloak of depression,cast it into the flames,Look not over your shoulder,step out that door,feel the sun once more.blessings 😉


      3. Thank you… this past week was a really rough one… lots of tears… divorce anniversary coming up in two days.. i need to throw these old cloaks away.. thank you for the reminder…

    1. Thank you so much Johann,and you are welcome,God bless you and thank you for sharing on your different social media sites, I really appreciate it, thanks for the likes and comments, you inspire me to continue!

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