There is something about you


I pay no real regard to what he looks like,but he says the wisest and most profound statements that lives you thinking,lives you stunned and wondering wow,such admirable creatures do exist. I am moved by his realness,though a bit unorthodoxed at times,and no matter how much i try to deny it he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is not a saint nor is he bad though he has his cruel intentions it does not define him. You cannot help but to love his very nature,either he makes you laugh,cry,rethink,angry,often angry because the truth does hurt,but he is not ordinary that is what i liked most about him. God has blessed him with the amazing power of influence” i pray that he does well,better and I am grateful that we crossed paths.He has proven to be my second,largest motivator.:)

Laurna Guiste


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