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Still smile

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Days when the summer breeze just seems too cold, not enough to hold you warm in its grip,

Still smile,

When the leaves seem to hold your pretty feet back when you try to run from life’s aches

Still smile,

When the water don’t seem to refresh or quench your thirst, but lives you parched and yearning.

Still smile,

When the fire doesn’t seem to cleanse, but burns,

Still smile,

When words become name tags that want to remain permanent,

Still smile, because you know it’s just for a while,

When all forces seem against you, know that God is still fighting for you,

Fiercely loves you,:)

Just smile

Written by Laurna Guiste


6 thoughts on “Still smile”

  1. This was beautiful!! I love the message. And yes, we shouldn’t let a frown replace our smile because of mundane things. We are definitely blessed and this was a great reminder. Thank you! 🙂

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