I may seem a bit infuriating to be writing about pedophiles as much, for the topic I know is rather disturbing but has to be address nonetheless. In the process of finishing up my poem “Lost in the house of a friend” it came to my attention that a 50(fifty) year old police officer was arrested on the counts of raping and or molesting two young girls ages 9 and 12. I just couldn’t begin to evaluate the amount of stress and turmoil those kids were going through or will go through. I heard that the molester was found out when one of the girls was found with puss on the inside of them!

That was the most repulsive thing I could have heard today, a grown man forcing himself into a child, ripping and damaging her insides, possibly destroying the walls of her uterus and ruining all possible changes of her having a child of her own? Not forgetting the psychological, emotional, social and other physical effects. To add salt to injury the molester is a police officer for peace sake, a man who knows the law. Just shows truth to the statement don’t trust anyone. It baffles me how one can molest a child, what possibly drives one to commit such a gruesome, malevolent act? What goes on in the mind of one to convince them to go through this without feelings of remorse, guilt, shame, and pity and mare disgust with themselves?

Child abuse damages a child psychologically, damaging their self-worth, leading them to become sexually active, inducing them to child prostitution, suicide, Misandry and far worst becoming child molesters themselves.

The emotional scars run the bluest wound, reeking   of the past, unkindled rage, emotional outburst, tantrums, relationship failures, family problems and the list goes on.

Not forgetting the social stigma of being seen as abused, misused, handled, tarnished, the crown of dignity brushed to the side, or broken off one’s head.

The death penalty should be the reward of one who commits this act, they should be made examples of. They should’nt be hiddened or kept a secret.

However, there really is no penalty they could serve to act as remedy to the children who are the  broken vessels.  Only with the hand can God can justice prevail!

Written by Laurna Guiste


6 thoughts on “SHATTER THE SILENCE

  1. This is so true,these men should not be on the street,starting with my ex husband.i could just kill them,the rage i have when I see them.God will deal with them.

  2. My adored grandfather crossed lines with me so I know this first hand. Though nothing really serious like rape, it nevertheless messed with my head for a very long time. I still adore him though.

    1. Thanks for now you can share this and you have released the turmoil yet small it brought you through.Many things happen that is unheard,unreported, and i hate this act with a passion,if i can write to make them feel uncomfortable.encourage the abused to speak out i would be so glad.God have His way,Thanks for the feedback


    1. It takes time,but with God you will get through this,my prayers are with you dear,>They are long gone, let them go and be free,you are entitled to happiness and peace of mind!


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