Writers Space

The Catwalk Cafe

Walking in a room full of strangers spins on her heels, faking confidence and her aim is to make it as the best entrepreneur in her part of  town. Knowing that the world is filled with numerous possibilities and she has the chance to be whatever and whoever she wants, she chose to be a gourmet chef at a small café in St Lucia. She would call it “The Catwalk Restaurant” specialising in pastries coffees and lunches $25US a plate, gourmet meals served with exquisite wines garlic bread and Italian salads.

Restaurant Music,

The ambience would reek of comfort, laid with colours of peach and white, furniture locally crafted, baskets hanging with orchids from the ceiling, scenting the air with its saccharine fragrance combined with the sweet aroma of coffee, ruffles  of newspapers, orders of menus sugary whispers of lovers as they sip on the Shiraz, ravings over how delicious the food is, she dreams it.

Making this reverie into a reality she required hard work, persistence, knowledge, good sense and of course money, which was solely the reason why she was here at the RCB Bank with her business plan held firmly in her grip, Heather Thomas was not about to back down.

Written by Laurna Guiste hopefully the chapter of a new book.


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