Woman Habits( Preparation of being a wife)


ImageWoman Habits Number one



Some random thoughts on wife preparations,growing up one of the lessons  my parents taught me is always prepare for the future. As a young woman my dad told me to” Get an education,be independent,put books before boys,because when i am well employed and independent men will still be around lined up to choose from and i would’nt be dependent on them to meet any and all my needs.”

My mom taught all her girls to always buy household items to store away to bring to your new house when you got married,lol,”Don’t wait for when you are married to stack up your house,do it  NOW!” so whenever i earn my salary i have made it a habit to buy atleast one household item,i got bowls,colourful plates,glasses,cups all accumulated for when that day comes. Regardless if i get married or not my spot will stll be well furnished.

I believe young women should strive for ,responsiblity,maturity,monogamy if not but to be independent and try to better ourselves in everyway especially in todays trying society where the stance of a woman is not based on how she looks but on what she can do.

Written by Laurna Guiste



12 thoughts on “Woman Habits( Preparation of being a wife)”

      1. Ok cool, in the poem “We drink because we are writers ” lol was actually written with an english accent in mind, so good catching on lol.Nice gtting to know you too 🙂


      1. Oh ok, Thanks,It is a profound lesson i have learnt and i am learning at this point in my life and would love to pass on to my fellow ladies 🙂 blessings thanks for the feedback


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