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Do not lose thyself woman..

Do not lose thyself woman
A young man observes her as she dances, twirling her hips, licking lips, and shaking her ass-sets,
Eyes griped her every motion, making love with her in the rooms of his mind,
After the show is over she removes the makeup, breath heavy now with coffee, not with the liquor which she posed, she’s removed her panty hose, and now reading a paper he can’t portray her as nothing else than that exotic dancer he dearly wants.

No topic she throws across would change his mind to capture her firmly in his space, the fire she had awaken wasn’t going to be quenched over small talk or getting to know each other. The woman who she peered to be wasn’t registering as one of seriousness, though she could have been.
This dame reeked of passion, dark halls, red lip stick and stilettos, great sex, nothing else.
A night of good fun, a text to tell her the wife isn’t home that’s what he’ll tell her..

Are these what women what to be portrayed as, one night stands, remembered for motels and fast cars, or we more than these?! Are we worth getting to know, being dined and introduced to his family? Are we wifey material or we jumping into bed before we even know his real background and the man he really is. When we as women give up the cookie too fast men somehow lose respect for us women and remove all image of taking us seriously. It is a new era where self-respect is not given freely but is fiercely gained.

Written by Laurna Guiste


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