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My daughter Esther

My daughter Esther
I gave birth to a jewel on the eve of August 8th, 2011, honey skin, light brown eyes a jewel that God dropped in me, a bouncing 9 bounds baby. I was terrified all through the pregnancy ,had fears of being a mother, having my first child, delivery wasn’t any merrier, blaming him for cursing me, but now I see the blessing.
The morning sickness was worth it the constant urination, the contractions, uneasiness was all cast aside as I gazed upon her loveliness, skin so soft and eyes so bright. I named her Esther, for she was Gods precious gift to me. I remember every kick she gave from the inside, guess it was sort of a preparation for the late hours I l’d stay up feeding,
Hours spent at the hospital when she had gotten a high fever or fell and bruised her knee the kicks were less painful than seeing my baby sick.
But I thank God that today she is well, healthy, avid reader and lover of arts, sometimes dawdles
at pronouncements of Shakespeare lines, yet still she tries and as I pray, like I prayed over my stomach that she is anointed and a great woman like her mommy one day she’ll be.

Written by Laurna Guiste


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