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We drink because we are writers

We drink because we are writers

Pinot Grigio pour me a glass, till I am forced to dwell on the past, which may awaken some lost thought or

deed, and birth new hopes ,dreams new lines, to spread swiftly against my sheet, pour me a glass please,

Make it a merlot,smooth,yes smooth, let me get me hyped on the idea of love, feeling giddy tipsy,encourage

the reaction of one who will spur emotions within me to write like a mad woman, or woman in love.

So pour me a glass please, this time make it a Casillero del Diablo, h o, ho, ho, yes, no, yes, fill the

glass till I dance on the tips of my toes, in merry joy, please, pour me a next glass please, till I pour

out my heart contents and make one try to understand why we write, and sip on wine while it is yet night,

To pass out sweetly cause our hands to rest, slow its paste, for so much ideas we don’t want waste, so we

drink to take some rest, close our weary eyes, till we rise again,

This time make it some tea please!

Written by Laurna Guiste


14 thoughts on “We drink because we are writers”

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and also, I love this! Believe me, I have penned some great lines(if I do say so myself) while deep in my cups(glass of wine), so I definitely hear you!

    Keep writing! You do make us want to keep reading!

    Take care!

      1. Bless your heart! I will continue writing, but I can’t say who’ll be reading it because as you can see, I take some getting used to. A bit hard to swallow, I am. LOL! The truth can be hard to take for some.

      2. Yes indeed the truth can be hrd to take,but it is what sets us free,so if your words is what holds the key to ones liberty then write away, LOL
        blessings and will stop by your page again sometime


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