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Don’t worry about your haters!!

Don’t worry about your haters!!
Whenever you are close to your breakthrough that is when your adversaries strike the hardest. Ever been close to getting a promotion and that’s when your co-workers stress you out the most? It’s like you are going through that fire before you come out whole,you are being refined. Some of us worry about our haters too much, when we shouldn’t because in order for God to bless you your haters have to be present, God says says He prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies, Give me a token for good that those that hate me may see it and be put to shame, for thou oh Lord has helped me and comforted me.

They are like stepping stones towards your destination, a wind/storm that God uses to propel u forward, all the tears you have cried have sort of washed the Masters feet and He is getting ready to bless you. The longer you endure that fiery furnace the purer you will become, so thank God for the valleys they made you humble, they made you think and change attitudes, you grew, you struggled don’t give up climbing now ,you are near the top. Forget the nay Sayers the end may not be clear, but have faith it is going to get better, your season of blessing is HERE.

Written by Laurna Guiste


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