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The difference between a Boo and a boo-boo

In the short span of time I’ve dated and gotten to know men on an intimate level I have come familiar with a few terms used to describe or refer to the opposite sex. There are several pet names that are affiliated with the ones that we love, it only comes naturally for one to refer to their lover, spouse, fiancé, boyfriend or girlfriend using a particular name. Some folks actually find it fun to make up names to call their love ones, such as pew bear, honey bunch of oats or my personal favourite boo.
However, this piece aims at identifying if there is a significant difference between a boo and a boo-boo. First of all one can claim that the urban term boo refers to an affectionate name, mainly used by coloured folks to call their lover or girlfriend. First time that term registered was from hearing Alicia Keys and Ushers song “My Boo” boo here obviously refers to one that you love dearly. The term boo-boo on the other hand has been somewhat thrown and tossed all over the place and has no real significant meaning. I have heard it been used among friends, co-workers when they were most likely referring to a side chick, or a close friend even, not one taken seriously. It is as if the word boo on its own is too strong a word so boo-boo is emphasized twice so some level of seriousness is eliminated. I may be gaging this slightly wrong but I believe there is some level of truth in there, so I would think twice about calling my boyfriend a “boo-boo”.

Written by Laurna Guiste


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