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i regret not loving thee..

I regret not loving thee, fiercely yet bitterly I wish to hold thee, kiss your lips like you taught me,

I regret not confessing my heart content, pouring my love on a parched part of you and maybe just maybe if you had nibbled or at least taste of my sweetness we wouldn’t have part,

And today a rose could have bloomed on the soil we fed just once,

Unwatered love, kindles no fire, passion gone no desire to say hi, hello, ever since we said goodbye,

I regret not loving thee…
Written by Laurna Guiste


3 thoughts on “i regret not loving thee..”

  1. Your writing is INCREDIBLE! Captivating, touching, and above all, powerful. Thank you for being such an incredible story teller, poem singer, and spiritual writer. A huge inspiration to me, thank you.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you soo much your words motivate me to continue writing God bless you! I am glad i could inspire and you are also an inspiration to me,lets keep at it! blessings 🙂


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