Poetry Corner

Do I owe you something?

Do I owe you something?…
Walkin around with a chip on your shoulder
Actin like I owe you somethang
Do I?
My, I didn’t know one could have so much power
To dictate when one eats, why one eats and if one sleeps,
Sleepless nights, pfff
Do I owe you something?
Actin like I’m suppose to be at your beck and call
Grow up! Show em you can walk alone,
Heck you were born alone,
Actin like we owe you somethang,!
Matter of fact, you owe us something
You owe us walkin around strong, child don’t you know where you belong,
You need to start actin polite, actin tough even when life has handed you
Nothin,nothing to grasp
But you hold on tight,
So walk on child, heads high,
March for every disappointment and lonely, miffed child,
Walk like you got meaning in life,
Cuz you do.
And we aint owe you nothing!
Written by Laurna Guiste
To every disappointment there is a blessing


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