Relationships and Marriage

What do we women look for in a potential husband..

What do women look for in a potential husband..
In today’s modern world we realize that the tables are being turned and men’s eyes are being open, they are wising up, and rising the levels are bit on what they want in a potential lifelong mate, a woman they want to marry. It really makes no sense to tie the knot with a woman who can’t help you around the house or cook you a hearty meal, after all the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s a blessing to come home to a clean house, well-kept kids and a lovely and pleasant wife.
The point however I would like to make is you put in what you put out, there is nothing wrong in wanting a good, helpful mate but you as a husband have to also play your part in being good and helpful. In choosing a lifelong mate today as a woman one should also be wise and precautious. Making a background check on a man is very important, asking questions about his past relationships, observing his paternal habits, does he like kids, and does he clean up after himself. Can he cook, iron, wash does he depend on others to do everything for him. How good he is at saving and what is his relationship with his mother and other women in his life. Being handsome and being good in bed isn’t going to cut it either for us wise women. We need an all-rounder who not only provides and protects but loves and helps and knows what it is to care for the innate desires of his wife.
When it comes to finding a mate for life it goes both ways, we do not only have to look for idealness in our partner but ensure we have these qualities in us as well.

Written by Laurna Guiste


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