Poetry Corner

Cries of a good Woman

Cries of a good woman.. He walked IN and broke my heart just like that; he spat and mocked me with his lies and cheating. He been miss behaving and he broke my heart when he told me that, walked in and broke my heart, said he wasn’t attracted to me anymore, couldn’t stand my nagging so he went out for something more, he doesn’t eat my food, ask me if am ok, dark clouds have surrounded our vows,, s…ince he walked through that door, and said he didn’t love me anymore. Though I’ve tried God knows I do, to act and do what he likes, but we still fight, tell me how do you hold on to something that’s falling apart? How do you forgive one who keeps breaking your heart? Tell me, how do you restore something that’s no more, shattered pieces of a happy couple now on the floor, tell me? HOW do you be a good wife to one who wants to ruin your life, treat you badly and act like its ok to be that way. Unhappy, depressed, feeling down, cant keep anything down, how do you get back to that place where you first met, kissed and cuddled lying in each other’s arms with no regrets? How does a good woman act in these situations when everything turns bad?
Written by Laurna Guiste

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