Life is like a puzzle

There is no answer to the puzzle of life, all you know is that you are working at it each day,hoping that you create a pretty picture in the end. There are times you feel like giving up,don’t,the answer is just around the corner.

Have a great day

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Death is inevitable..

Death as inevitable as we know it to be,it still catches the majority of us by surprise, it takes us and often lives us wondering why?

Though many of us make death preparations such as writing our wills and paying death insurances are we really ready to die?

How many of us spend time preparing our souls for eternity and less time pursuing the temporary things that we  all live behind. We spend endless hours powdering our faces instead of feeding our souls, we spend a  great  deal of time fixing our cars without fixing our homes and hearts, when will we slow down to realize that life is not all about how much money you make but what you do with the money,not how many people know you,but how many did you encourage and share with.

We get consumed with mixed priorities and keep making the same mistakes because we are too busy to learn the lessons, we have time for everything except to seek God and His will for us, and if we disagree with His will we take our own paths, just to round up exactly where we started.

We need to slow down and listen,observe,inhale ,exhale,appreciate life,love,learn give God first place and live life as the temporary thing it is, and make preparations for our eternal souls.

Written by

Laurna Guiste


Vacation 2014

Hey guys , I am officially back still a bit lazy from my two weeks vacation but I promised I would write of my experiences so here goes. My vacation was amazing I enjoyed every bit,though I didn’t cover some appointments and some things i planned didn’t happen but I believe it happened just the way it had to.

Time spent with family and friends are irreplaceable, i tried as much as i could to stay away from social media sites and spend time with them, i discovered that i have more spontaneous friends than i thought,last minute i went out to this amazing historic site and beach was great.

Here are some pictures so you could have an idea of my adventures


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A new song

Wounded are these hands who played the instrument, a chord that caused more aches than relief, i must place it down for peace sake..this song i must learn anew


Maybe this time i’ll cause less pain to my audience, didn’t mean to drag you down my blue, honky tonk, misguided ideas and thoughts of love,

I just had to…cant get pass  mine, how did i manipulate the mind of the one i most cared for, how did this sweet tune turn soar and make him angry?

I thought it would raise his sensuality cause him to make mad love to me, but instead he left me,

Didn’t  like the way in which i played.

I guess i played too much,perhaps i spent too many hours practicing the art instead of touching his heart

I  broke it .

I didn’t care much then but now standing alone on this stage and no longer seeing the reaction on his face,

makes me see how much time i wasted trying to catch him and hyponotise him in my melody,

but sadly i was the one loosing the grip on reality

by playing a tune that had no real listeners .

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Laurna Guiste

Refuse to be a copy

Only originals live lasting impacts and make permanent impressions,

God created you unique to fulfill His purpose.

Never compare or mimic the ability of another, Be yourself, for in embracing yourself you give others the permission to do the same.

You allow them to embrace their own greatness.

So continue being your best and  developing your own skill, 

Not saying I can’t but I will,

Being unique is magnificent in demonstrating how diverse God is in His creation and how He took time to make you different

to fulfill His individual purpose.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Accomplish your dream


Accomplish your dream

You got to protect your dream, Remember Joseph and his brothers,

You got to want it like no other,

You got to fight and not be easy to give up!

Even when there is no one around to help, you got God,

He got you,

Strive for the best and you will get the best,

Every day work on that sculpture,

And before you know it you got a piece of art,

Knock off laziness and procrastination,

Go fourth and be great,

You got what it takes!

Written by

Laurna Guiste


Death taken by self


Today he left this world, left his grandmother, left his hand marks stained on the pails whom he used to carry for her after she had a hard day.

He left behind a lamented mother, confused father and saddened sibilings, trying to wonder why he did it

Though they knew he was frustrated, unemployed and sort of demented,

He never gave them a real reason why he wasn’t happy

And why he took his own life.

Today I heard the news of a young man ending his life and I got saddened as I remembered his face, I knew him as a guy who was friendly and would always call me. There were rumours of him being mad and under serious stress, still is that enough to drive someone to take their own life? I guess, not everyone is able to cope with life inevitable challenges and tests, many of us don’t have a resort to turn to.

Even as a young woman at times I become frustrated with life and suicide attempts passes as light flickers before my eyes though quickly brushed off, I know I have had them. But I look at my life and I feel at peace with God and myself knowing when no one cares He does, He loves me when I am  unlovable and don’t deserve it, God is what has kept me sane for so long honestly.

No amount of challenge or situation should drive you to a path of self destruction, my advice is love yourself first or no one else will, be pleased and at peace with yourself and make choices that make you happy and consider your love ones, for they should have your back when no one else does, if not form friendships but I urge you never be alone for in the company of counsellors there is safety, two is better than one. Have someone you can confine in and trust and if there really is no one for the moment trust God, he promise to never fail us even when folks do.

Life is precious and is as beautiful as you would want it, rain will come but it’s up to us to hold up that umbrella till the shower dissipates and a rainbow appears.

Written by

Laurna Guiste



Vacation 2014 :D

So my two weeks vacation is coming up and i am so excited!! I know it isn’t much but it is well deserved after you have been working like i have. This is my 3rd vacation this time around and I always look forward to having some good fun,although last year i was a little disappointed because i didn’t do half of what i planned,but was still good i started my own page on Facebook and actually joined a non profit community development group,i got to draw and give out ideas on helping the elderly plus the lunch was always delicious yummy! I wonder if they will visit  this year mm.

Anyway,my vacation starts next week Tuesday,the Monday is a public holiday,so you can say it starts Monday. I have dedicated the first week to taking care of some procrastinated business,need to get some stuff out of the way,stuff like doctors appointment etc clear some room clutter etc.

The fun in the sun hopefully starts the Saturday I am thinking picnics,bike rides etc hey i don’t wanna reveal much,my fingers are crossed the second week is dedicated to beaches,some long awaited adventures,discoveries,rivers,hikes and lots of good food.

Promise to write all about it during or after,and hoping to take lots of photographs so we can reminisce together.So wish me care,fun and a great vacation.Peace.



Laurna Guiste

Nominated for Most Inspiring Blogger Award



blogger award

Thank you Annesquared at. for the very inspiring Blogger Award nominee,i am honored and I gladly accept.

There are the things that the nominee is supposed to do in order to accept the award.

1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.

2. List the rules and display the award

3. Share 7 facts about about myself.

4. Nominate up to 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know they have been nominated.

5. Optional : Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven Facts About Laurna Guiste

1. I work at a company that sells genuine leather goods made in Columbia

2. I am afraid of heights

3. I have never traveled

4. I have a cat named Ginger Nuts

5. I am taller than my parents

6.I love to djay and make pastries

7. I am short sighted

I nominate the following blogs for the very Inspiring Blogger Award

1. Pink Ninjabi at a great poet.

2. Story time with John at a young talented writer who inspires      through giving his interesting life stories and travels.

3. The Seeker’s Dungeon at A awesome poet and storyteller

4.Let God write your Love Story

These bloggers a very great writers who inspire and motivate me some way or the other,so continue writing guys.

And yes I do want the award showed on my page,gladly:)

I am now going to link to everyone’s blog.




I can’t ,I can


This is the poem “I can” done with the video,enjoy!

Originally posted on laurnaguistepublicist:

I can..

Don’t let this smile fool you, its fake,
This is my new face lift, trying to hide and cover up my mistakes,
I have sort of numbed my feelings, stepped out of reality,
Because my reality, scares me, bores me, it’s kind of sad really,
The way someone hangs unto the past and let it define them,
Sort of a puppet on a string it controls them, and it mimes them
Don’t be happy be sad, don’t get angry be glad,
Sort of a up and down kind of a thing,
It’s like me and melancholy got a fling,
Go ahead; live me in my misery I Don’t care a thing,
Live me drown in self-pity, who cares anyway,
But ,
just when I am about to succumb to my wounds and wallow in my weaknesses,
I hear a still voice that surpasses,
that of any man
In the…

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