Songs of a 16 year old


I wish forever to be caught in this age, not changing anything, living off the bittersweet moments I indulge in, let my youth linger as a never ending tune on this newly, polished piano.. I want to play, dance in the sun and not care about anything quite serious, I just want to hang out till late hours and feel free. Don’t place boundaries on my youth, restraining orders, they only make me burst through the chains later on in life, so let me enjoy my youth.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Drawing..take time to draw


Today being home, still feeling a little sick from the flu i felt the urge to draw, now its been a while since i have drawn anything, i took an art class in high school but I’m no professional, though i come from a linage of great artist it has never been my forte per say. Anyways i couldn’t resist so  I got my pencils,got some manila paper,located an eraser, wanted some crayons thought i had some lying around,unfortunately i did not. So i worked with what i had..

I   suddenly had this need to hear Celine Dion” My heart will go on Titanic soundtrack while drawing, sounds silly but it just felt like it would inspire the mood for drawing even more , i don’t know i guess my subconscious wanted to see Leonardo in action in order to spur its wings, its just weird sometimes how our mind works lol. Next thing you know i am watching Titanic and drawing away.

This is what i came up with..


Self –Love and God


Self –Love and God

My eyes piercing through to my soul, acknowledging the distance in which I have come,

My hands embracing, some sort of resistance at first but holding my shoulders reaffirming that it’s going to be ok,

I once felt ugly, didn’t feel important and didn’t know my purpose,

I hated myself sometimes, most times,

Comparing myself with others, trying to fit in, often left me misplaced and alone,

Wasn’t until Christ came into my life that I started to appreciate this woman,

I appreciated the details that made me different

I came to love the uniqueness, in which God made me,

Found my purpose, and still discovering many others,

God indeed makes the difference in our lives, adding purpose and worth, reminding us why we are here, and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, not only in the physical but also a wonderful life. Our lives should revolve around Him. When you get close to God He sort of changes your self-image, you no longer live to please others but you live to please Him, and you realize He accepts you and loves you no matter how imperfect you may feel or look.

He loves you unconditionally and you are indeed beautiful, with a splendid mind body and soul (better believe it)!

Written by

Laurna Guiste


Dare to live and not just exist

Years ago,I was walking down a dusty alley, hands in my suspenders,when i happened to look to the wall to my right and captured pieces of a broken, tarnished mirror,almost camouflaged  by graffiti. The reflection was blurry but i could still recognize the wrinkled forehead,a hand quickly clasped over my lips in disbelief i was 70 years old and i wouldn’t know it,if i hadn’t seen this mirror.

Back home i made it a habit of not slowing down and grasp vanity but to live, explored the world,danced, wrote,filled empty bellies,made people laugh and smile by doing or saying something funny. I ate healthy because i wanted to see my great grand children, i wanted to walk Shelby down the aisle i wanted to paint and take photos of the wedding and photos of the rain as it fell off the rims of my cow boy hat.

I  started to smile at this wrinkled fellow as i remembered these good times,i truly lived and i didn’t just exist, i brushed some dust off my forehead and continued walking, i was headed towards my best friends funeral..with comfort knowing that one day it will be my turn i will have no regrets.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Life as an old my perspective

They are not your tragedy

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They are not your tragedy

Shield the little girls hide them from your cruelty, they don’t need their innocence being robbed away,

Let children be children allow them to play, run around don’t ruin their fate,

Allow them to play while it is yet day,

Allow them to run and climb, don’t shut out your mistakes into their existence,

They are here now and they are golden, precious diamonds,

Many babes have so much dirt cover them that they lose their true self

Growing up with a false image of who they really are,

Don’t mold your child’s mind with negativity,

Instead speak life, declare the greatness you want your child to become

For God ordain that they be great and leaders of tomorrow,

Allow these babies to grow.

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Thank you for the Cross

Thank you for the cross

On the cross you stood bleeding, every drop representing your endless love towards me,

Me, the thief who was by your side, me the spiteful soldier who pierced your side,

Me who said let him die,

You still chose to die for me; your obedience set me free,

I was the one, who didn’t choose you, laughed and scorned you, took the whip to strike your back,

And I was the one, who betrayed you with a kiss,

And today who got my back, who promises me eternal bliss?

Who would lay down his life for me like this? Bless me even when I deserved to be cursed,

I didn’t love you but you loved me first, kept and protected me through birth,

You loved me first… died for me when I didn’t deserve it,

All the pain and shame you bore it,  you  took it,

You were bruised for my iniquities, my sins,

Wounded for my transgressions,

Today I stand in admiration, and I salute the greatest hero,

My Lord who died for this zero,

I am, eternally thankful that you obeyed,

And chose to die for this cruel world,

Came to save every boy and every girl,

I stand thankful and I am looking forward to

His second coming!

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Today i Realized

Dare to live and not just exist,sat back in my chair and watched people live, run,laugh, and love,life seemed to be passing me by like a train living winds of hopelessness. A yearning was stirred within me,I realized that  i really love life and i love people and i want more than just embrace routines and schedules. i wanna ruffle your sheets with my  wild perspectives of life and how simple it really is. Fun realization,

Written by

Laurna Guiste

Embrace your Greatness


Whatever the enemy meant for evil God do turn it around for good.

Jane walked into her bosses office to carry out some assigned task and within a few minutes her boss Mark started playing music very loudly even dancing  to it, Jane as amused as she was couldn’t resist to state that the music playing was the one needed in the store, immediately Jane”s boss snapped at her,” you have been saying that for so long,why don’t you take the initiative and add the music on the disk so that it can be played”

Jane stared back in shock, Mark continued” I want to put the music on the disk but i do not know how,but that’s the difference between us,I am not a follower, you will be a follower but I am going to learn to put the music on there!”

” I am not a follower” Jane grumbled turning away from her bosses spiteful gaze,Mark continued, “I am sure you know how its done, you are smart enough,went to College, so you must research how it is done and not just stand by!”

Jane felt she could slap the smirk off his face, she felt so disrespected yet she felt speechless as if the words were some what true,she left his office rather dejected as Mark sat at his desk laughing.

She saw him as an evil agent sent by the enemy to put her down, Jane was on a road to self growth and motivation, convincing her self that she was strong,better than she was months ago and on her way to being a leader. She prayed in her heart binding all his negativity against her, declaring that she was great, a leader not a follower and she was going to make it in spite of how she presently felt. The words Mark said was stuck on replay in her mind, was that how she was being seen? She wanted so desperately to change,his words began to add fuel to her hunger to change,improve and prove him wrong.

Minutes after she still sat struggling with a disturbed state of thought, and then she saw an email from Mark, he stated that he wanted the others to show her how the music is uploaded to the disk, and he encouraged her to learn new things as knowledge is power.He further stated that he wanted her to teach him when shes done.

Jane smiled as she realized that her boss only wanted the best  for  her, he saw her potential and therefore refused to settle for her mediocrity, he knew she could do it, she just had to believe in her self first.

Self motivation is good, we often convince ourselves that we are good enough until we are given the test to prove ourselves, sometimes we let fear cripple our potential, we are afraid of being our great selves so we live below our expectations just to get by,shyly unnoticed. but  i am here to encourage someone including myself that we were not born to be ordinary individuals, we were not created just to exist work a 8 to 5 job  and just make ends meet. If you  were created just to exist God wouldn’t keep sending people to motivate you to try and work harder to become better.

You are great, an extraordinary person with a unique task,chosen to change the world and make a difference. You seek to grow and make positive changes in your life because God is going to use you as a changing tool, you are a natural born leader,stop fighting your greatness,embrace it,become it.

Written by

Laurna Guiste