Press forward

Be the best you can be,be courageous,

Be strong,what ever your hands finds to do,do with all your might,

Don’t get weary,for in due season you shall reap,

Do not quit,the reward awaits those who will make it pass the finish line.

Written by 

Laurna Guiste

I can’t ,I can

I can..

Don’t let this smile fool you, its fake,
This is my new face lift, trying to hide and cover up my mistakes,
I have sort of numbed my feelings, stepped out of reality,
Because my reality, scares me, bores me, it’s kind of sad really,
The way someone hangs unto the past and let it define them,
Sort of a puppet on a string it controls them, and it mimes them
Don’t be happy be sad, don’t get angry be glad,
Sort of a up and down kind of a thing,
It’s like me and melancholy got a fling,
Go ahead; live me in my misery I Don’t care a thing,
Live me drown in self-pity, who cares anyway,
But ,
just when I am about to succumb to my wounds and wallow in my weaknesses,
I hear a still voice that surpasses,
that of any man
In the stillness I hear the words I can, I can… I can
I can choose,
To be free,
or to be mean,
To be free or to drown in sin,
Delve in my chaotic vomit, my oppression of the past,
And how they failed me
And I failed them,
Today I can,
But today,
I choose to be strong
And move on!

Written by
Laurna Guiste


Stumbling into an area of tropical rain forest, the poet sees the island as a naturally beautiful paradise where almost every herb is a medicine. Thus, this inspiration.

This unharvested vale and pastures untouched
Except few foliage, scattered and almost
Seeming random where they detach. I for once
Nature’s beauty behold. A hidden paradise
Unexplored and unexplorable.
A splendor, silent and bare.
In awe, my athwart eyes survey.

Wild avocados, Carapit
Spreading its white skeletal anchor.
A cradle to the tender lilies.
Obelisk, to the creeping moss,
And the dying sensitive grass, now alive.
Alive enough to have strength to die, and die again
To every nudge of the dandelion, the comfrey,
Holy thistles, and others else flexed by the wind.
Camouflage is the mistletoe
Upon the cedar’s bough. Tall nettles
Itching the restless air, while marigold
Arrayed in fair yellows, and greens,
Now sleeps upon the marshy ground.

And rising still, weeds and ferns and reed;
A profusion of flowers in a spectral charm.
O, unending garden! As if nature
Has gathered all of her medicine
In one single store…
Earth has not utopia to show more fair.
Perhaps, Eden’s fair beauty?… (a far off thing).

But this,
Undistant treasure, now, I see.

Book: ‘The Burning Prelude’
Copyright David Guiste 1999
(At last he gave me a poem of his to publish,the work of my writer/painter/D.J brother Daivid’s work)

The Catch..

She is afraid to leap into the ocean of love, as the fear of uncertainty grips her,will he catch her in time to keep her from drowning?

Will he rescue her?

The wind, a cold blanket,clouding her vision,
They hurt her in the past,cant look back,too afraid to leap forward,
Where does she stand?
Will the blood in his veins run through the cold pavement,as the roots of trees and find its way to her heart,make her believe in him,trust him.
Trust him enough to catch her,

She wants him to be her warmth,her anchor, her shield
but he is yet to comfort her,yet to prove any heroic skills,
but that smile

Standing near the edge,rubble at her feet,
she peers down,Rocks like a thousand blades
Water as deep and dark as the knight
who might never come..

Written by Laurna Guiste

Be the best you can be

Be the best you can be,
Embrace this woman; be yourself, hiding behind self pretense and hypocrisy won’t make you accomplish anything.
Let your flaws show, for by being naked you allow us to see you the real you,
Embrace your form, your uniqueness,
Your resilience bounces at the edge of your bountiful curves,
You are worth more than you’re cracked up to be,
You are precious,
Don’t let anyone tell you different,
You are important

You’ve been hurt and put down for far too long,
Dance, shout, and sing your song,
You deserve to be seen and heard,
Make your mark in this world
You go girl!

Written by
Laurna Guiste

This World is Not Our Home – It’s a prison of sin.

This World is Not Our Home – It’s a prison of sin.
Therefore let us not build permanent structures in temporary shelters.
Jesus didn’t come with softer beds & comfy pillows to make prison life comfortable.
He didn’t bring a divine maintenance crew with gallons of fresh heavenly paint to cover up the holes & cracks of the prison walls.
Jesus came “…to set the captives free.” Luke 4:18. Jesus isn’t seeking to remodel, redecorate or recondition our world – He seeks to liberate us from it. We’re in the world but NOT of the world.
Financial bondage, relational bondage’s, substance abuse bondage’s, sexual perversion bondage’s, or whatever It is that is holding you back;
Jesus is more than able & willing to set you free. Today we can be liberated from prison power.

Written by
Dante Daniel Lane

Now you Fly

Lift your wings butterfly,

Flutter them sweetly across the blue skies,

Paint them with your pretty picture,

Yes it may take us a while to catch up with you,

But we’ll get there.

Dance your dance butterfly,

For you’re worth every ounce of happiness.

The world watched as you crawled in the uncertainty of your identity, curved up in malevolence.

But how much you’ve grown!

Today you fly in awareness of who you are!

You are beautiful


A radiance of beauty and hope

Written by
Laurna Guiste

My Blood Stains

Story one

He left his mark on her innocent skin, his sister his own blood; he touched her when it was yet dark when everyone else had fallen deeply in the arms of slumber. Susan rose early in the morning, tears at her cheeks and blood on her night gown she rushed to the village Witch doctor told him of the brutality she encountered and quickly was handed a medicine that would make him mad.
She didn’t hesitate to place it in his coffee and with a smirk she brought it to his lips, clenching her fist he said “tell no one”

“I promise”.

Written by
Laurna Guiste


I am going to make it happen.

I refuse to sit back and just watch others live their dream,

I shall have vision and live mine!

I shall ask knowing my prayers are going to be answered; I will work harder because I know my labor is not in vain.

I will fly because I was destined to soar; I was created to be more,
More than my competitors,

Many may doubt me now, but I shall prove them wrong,

I will be all that God ordained for me to be,

I will be


Written by
Laurna Guiste

Lover’s Quarrel part TWO

She enters the car, kisses him on the cheek
“Hae Bae,you good?”
He eyes her from head to toe, questionably
“Wa you look good so?”
“Wa you mean, I dress good for you bae”
“Me, woman! mmm,de only time you dress good so is when you go meet a man?”
“But, you are me man Dread, wa talk is this nuh?”
“Stop lying dere gyal,me know you never wear dat scent dere for me?” he begins sniffing her
She pushed him away”Wa d joke, man sniffing me up,you self buy dis,cheap ting you a get down the Chinese store”
His eyes widened “you mad! As a matter a fact da wa you deserve, only Suzy get Chanel..i mean”
“Suzy? Who a Suzy?”
“I mean,you nuh Suzy ma mother “he looks around nervously
“mmm,oh ok”
He starts driving the car,
“So you buy expensive stuff fuh your mudah and you buying Chinese for me?”
“Stupes!so you wa me to put uh before me mother gyal”
“buh how?”
“Gyal you crazy..anyway please change d subject”
“wa you stupes for,mm?”
“Anyway, anyway you paying fuh me weave today? “She said smiling
“wa,gyal you crazy? After de ting dun fake you want Rasta to pay fe it?”
“Buh how”
He stops the car,
“You know wat,get out me darn car gyal!”
“you hear me wi”he removes her sit belt
“no buh,get out,!”
She gets angry”stupes,man you crazy,”
She steps out “Doh call me later you know,darn cheap!”
He closes the door and starts the car
“Where you tink you going? “she said holding the car
“Me gwan meet Suzy,she hair real”

Written by
Laurna Guiste
(This Dialogue is written in dialect spoken in both Jamaica and in my home country,I hope it won’t be so difficult to read and understand as it it a humorous one.)